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photo-aboutI’m Dal, a curious & down to earth blogger/writer in love with words, wanderlust and this messy mystery called life.

Sharing stories & soul, telling it like it is, bringing folks together so we feel less alone.

With lashings of words and images my wish is to entice, inspire and storymake even through the tougher times. Our darkest moments have their very own light.

Healing words and about this blog…

This blog holds a special place in my heart. Writing and my fellow blogging sisters literally saved my sanity when my adorable Dad had a severe stroke in March 2015 whilst on holiday in India. After my sister and I undertook an epic DIY medical repatriation to get Dad home via Air India (think Bollywood version of Airplane meets ER) I wrote, created and shared stuff on this blog as a means of emotional respite and survival, in between the moments of caring for and championing my Dad’s needs.

And to also share with others that we are never really alone in this world. 

Sadly, my Dad passed through this life in February 2016. Since then, journalling and writing has ever more become a way to untangle my mind, make sense of the enormity of the loss, grief and trauma and to explore the emerging thresholds of hope and new beginnings.  I’ve been astonished at the healing power of words, both the ones I’ve written for myself and the ones I’ve read.

As the mystery of all this still unfolds, I’m embarking on a new journey studying for an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes with the Metanoia Institute. So there’ll be lots of sharing of good stuff ahead.


Born Up North, England to Punjabi immigrant parents, I grew up in a practical make do and mend household. With a temple in the attic and parents who believed in ghosts, astrology and all things mystical. As a second generation Indian, I grew up in a  classic ‘clash of cultures’ environment, navigating roti and dahl with a complete set of The Jam vinyls.

I’ve done everything from work at Butlins in a rah rah skirt, deliver pizzas, pack liquorice all-sorts and jelly babies to gaining a degree and post graduate qualifications in social work, spending 20 years as a frontline social worker to quitting my permanent social work job and freelancing in mental health. I’ve laughed with hundreds of folks as a Laughter Facilitator, spreading messy joy and giggles all over.

An unlikely adventuress…

Some of the adventures I’ve been on include drumming out of tune with shamans in California, dancing badly in dimly lit clubs in Santiago de Cuba, riding a Harley around Uluru resulting in 2nd degree burns (!!), spending days hooked up to intravenous antibiotics in a dodgy hospital in Goa after eating a date pancake, swimming in Icelandic hot springs and yet more bad dancing and hair swinging with the Gnawa in Morocco.

But some of my best adventures are sofa-based involving cozy blankets, a hot cuppa, pen and paper. Ok, and maybe Netflix too.

The point is – live life to your own messy beat, however imperfect that is and whatever story results from the adventure ~ even if it includes immodium! Or  Netflix. 

Good stuff to share…

Here’s a few waymarkers to help you navigate my site:

The Blog ~ a lovingly curated space for thoughtful insights and stories about real life, expressive writing, grief and loss.

Namaste Notes ~ a periodic dispatch about healing words, wild hypotheses and imaginative living.

Instagram ~ my fave social media space where I regularly post little life missives.

Polaroid Oracle Cards – last year I created my own Polaroid Oracle Card Deck, a wonderful journey of discovery.

e-book goodness – bag yourself a copy of the lovely Laughter Manifesto!

Enjoy and Namaste everyone xo