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2016 Bring It On

In Blogging on January 1

Wishing you all a *LOVE* filled 2016. 

That it brings you everything you wish for and beyond. 

That you remain resilient through any tough times that may cross your path. 

That you may laugh laugh laugh. 

From my heart to yours.

Namaste xox

#calmsouljournal continued…

In Blogging on October 23


“Being out in nature, stopping, notetaking, journalling, pondering – all these things calm my soul, make me leap with joy, feel so alive.”  – #calmsouljournal.

I’m loving my little instagram project #calmsouljournal, it’s really keeping me mindful about bringing more calmness, soulfulness, peace, joy and expansion back in to my life.
Wishing you much of the same, today, tomorrow and always.

Namaste xo

thoughts from the sitting bear who almost lost his fur

In Blogging on September 1

I happened across this little fella whilst walking home the other day and this is what he wanted to share with you…

Not all who wander are lost, so they say. More →

blogging just because.

In Blogging on July 15


“By writing, I was participating in a tradition as old as humanity. I was here. Hieroglyphs on rock. I was here and this is my story.” Dani Shapiro

I’m having a rare moment of loafing, of being able to spend the morning scribbling in my journal, a practice that’s been neglected for months, More →

don’t force it, don’t push it

In Blogging on May 27

PRESS PLAY, TURN IT UP and read on…

So this afternoon I was getting all in a tiz, too much to do, felt like there was not enough time and in between needing to dye my hair and answering a ton of emails I’m thinking what on earth to blog about next. I felt myself drifting off in to the wild frontiers of Planet Dal More →

You are Fucking Amazing.

In Blogging on April 24

A couple of weeks ago, I shared that my lovely Dad had a major stroke whilst on holiday in India. I left the story at the point of having to fly out to India with the mission to bring Dad home…there’s a lot of detail to fill in but it’s still a bit too raw to write about yet. Instead, here’s some realisations that emerged whilst writing my journal since I returned home to Yorkshire… More →

full moon halo…

In Blogging on February 3


    This is how the Full Moon looked for some folk in the UK this week, shrouded in a beautiful halo.

    Wow wow wow…nature is just so f***ing amazing.

    Very big sigh.


Fall in Love with January…

In Blogging on January 8


Snow – that magical fluffy white stuff that falls out of the sky, stops the traffic, turns in to snowmen, slows us down and temporarily turns our neighbourhoods in to Narnia. You have to love it.

Slow – the quiet after the festive storm when everyone is skint and snuggling up inside.

The promise of new beginnings…dream on. More →