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seriously good for you berry and kefir milkshake

In Mindful Being on August 22

What to do when you have bucket loads of goat’s kefir (pronounced keefer – think Kiefer Sutherland) sat in your freezer waiting to be consumed?

If you’ve ever had goat’s kefir, the much hailed wonder food More →

this feather…

In Mindful Being, Real Life, Soul & Spirituality on July 6

…mysteriously appeared right outside my front door today.  More →

the secret wisdom of Big Pants

In Mindful Being, Real Life on June 11

Yep, you really did read that title. And that really is a photo of my pants. I am celebrating the fact that this morning I actually have the time to shove my undies in the washing machine and in a glorious 29 minutes  More →

nyctophiliac bliss

In Mindful Being on May 22

10pm and I’m closing my curtains.  The last bit of light is seeping in to the darkness and I feel a fluttering deep inside. I’m so tired and my sofa is calling me to rest my weary head. But this night beckons me with a stronger will. I slip on my trainers and grab my phone. And in to the night I venture alone…  More →

the best ever lazy porridge

In Mindful Being on May 19

This morning I woke up reaaaalllly late…like 11am late. And I was due at the day job at 1pm.

But it’s never too late for my lazy porridge. More →

Shinrin Yoko – forest bathing

In Mindful Being on May 16

The forest has always been a magical escape from the outside world for me.

I first discovered the healing power of the trees, the woods and forests when I was a troubled 15 yr old More →

A small soulful ritual for self and others…

In Mindful Being, Soul & Spirituality on January 21


The simple act of lighting a candle and saying a small prayer can relieve so much internal pressure from your soul.

I re-discovered this diary entry from April last year and thought I’d share something that really helped me…

Last night I just couldn’t sleep.

Three things had really got to me. A meeting with a beautiful soul, trapped in his body, trying to end his life because the suffering is too much. Then a house fire that killed three generations just down the road. And insensitive words from a friend. I cried but it wasn’t enough to just let tears flow.

I was feeling everybody’s pain too much. That’s always been me. A hyper sensitive soul and a bit too sponge like. I want to make people feel better and feel at a loss when I can’t help someone ease their suffering. I know rationally that it’s not down to me or my responsibility. That I cannot rescue people. That every soul has to take their own individual journey through life. I can only be present, loving and listen. But I sometimes feel helpless nonetheless.

So I lit a candle, surrendered my feelings and offered prayers for those suffering and those who have passed. I’m not religious but I do believe in the healing potential of prayer – a powerful and positive intention. As the hours passed, I felt clearer and lighter. The flame still flickered strong and I imagined it’s radiant energy still sending love and healing to those I prayed for.

And in some way I hope it made a difference. We are never helpless. Even if we cannot change a situation we can offer up a small gesture. It’s a simple act, just lighting a candle. Yet it means so much.

Namaste friends xox

A Simpler 2015…

In Mindful Being, Real Life on January 1

A New Year, a fresh start, renewed vigour and a fistful of resolutions and a huge list of goals for 2015…

Yes, this year IS going to be different!

Gym, healthy food, remember everybody’s birthdays, grow my passion project, do Qi Gong every day, finish my house jobs, find my dream man and do 100 things I’ve never done before, climb Everest…

Or maybe I’ll just forget all the resolutions, lists of goals, rip them up and just BE.

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