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I am more powerful – a collaborative poem

In Healing Words, Real Life on February 9

I am more powerful than


I am more powerful than I know.

I am more powerful than those around me give me credit for, and as soon as I can trust in that power, can believe in myself, they will hear me roar! More →

The Sari Squad, Stri Shakti and Enlarging Capacities.

In Real Life on January 20

“I do not allow myself to be overcome by hopelessness, no matter how tough the situation. I believe that if you just do your little bit without thinking of the bigness of what you stand against, if you turn to the enlargement of your own capacities, just that itself creates new potential.” Vandana Shiva.

On the 21st January 2017, around 1 million women will be sharing their Stri Shakti – woman power and strength – around the world, inspired by Women’s March Washington. More →

Found Sister(s)

In Healing Words, Loss, Grief and Hope, Real Life on December 2

 “Be what you are, of the earth, but a dreamer too.” 

Mary Oliver

2016 has been a tumultuous year. Tum-ult-uous. Just saying that word, feeling my tongue rock and roll around those syllables, fills my soul with a weird kind of acknowledgment. 2016 has felt 2 years long. And I remind myself that there are still 29 days to go. More →

August hues and blues…

In Healing Words, Real Life on August 10

August hues and blues

Feeling lazy. Feeling…August. In all it’s brazen holiday-ness, hues and blues, there is something about August that breaks in under the skin and takes my cells over for 31 days. August breaks in to time. In to lives. A high summer thief that brings gifts instead of stealing your soul. More →

gathering the sparks of our ancestors

In Healing Words, Real Life, Travel on August 5

Sheffield Asian Cinema

We’re back from the intermission after ‘Following the sparks’…

Reminds me of back in the day when my mum, my sisters and I used to visit The Asian Cinema on Attercliffe Road, 2 buses each way, to watch the latest Bollywood movie. It seems all the Asians of South Yorkshire descended in this small theatre on Sundays. More →

Farewell Sofa Sage

In Loss, Grief and Hope, Real Life on March 4

“You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own…” 

D.M. Dellinger

My gorgeous Dad aka The Sofa Sage completed his time in this life on Wednesday 17th February, surrounded by all of his family. He was 87 years old. Or so we think.  More →

Not so #calmsouljournal…

In Real Life on February 11

As the wind blows a hoolie outside, rain battering my window, right now was meant to be the calm after the storm of 2015. A time to re-group, re-frame and just chill, lie in, have early nights, relax, have more fun. Dad’s stroke took it out of me and in Autumn I pulled back my day job commitments to the minimum to allow time to fully integrate the magnitude of what happened. More →

100 words of 2015

In Real Life on December 30

Hope. Renewed Health. Friendship. Adoptive Family. Bradford. Laughter. Dad’s stroke. SHOCK. Epic rescue. Indian hospitals. Head cracking stress. Sister power. More →

1 stroke, 7 months, 27 lessons: part two

In Real Life, Soul & Spirituality on November 23

  • Sometimes you HAVE to rebel rouse, be unreasonable, break the rules and upset ‘official’ people to get what you need for your loved one. Don’t accept what the ‘system’ tells you – challenge authority. More →

1 stroke, 7 months, 27 lessons: Part 1

In Real Life, Soul & Spirituality on November 5

It’s been 7 months since Dad had his stroke aka ‘Dadgate’. If I’d known before just how challenging the journey ahead was going to be, I would have volunteered to become an astronaut and join Matt Damon on Mars for a few years. You know, just chilling out. More →