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If I was wild and free…

In Healing Words, Soul & Spirituality on May 23

I would dance naked amongst the purple heather of the distant moors

I would bathe my brown skin under the night of the full moon pressed against a tattoo of a fading samurai

I would let the rain pour down my face, melt my mascara in to black puddles and let them stay there all day

I would laugh out loud in the street for no reason at all other than for feeling utterly blissed out

I would eat raspberry ripple ice cream and not wipe my mouth

I would befriend a Golden Eagle and let it sit on my shoulder whilst I pushed my supermarket trolley

I would go up to that man in the social club caff, as rugged as a sea-worn cliff and kiss him, letting my lips linger over his for a very long time

I would give away everything I owned, get on a night train to a distant land and live in a candlelit cave

I would give the last northern white rhino in Africa a very big hug and say we did this to you, I am so very sorry we did this to you

I would love bigger stronger deeper than ever before

I would write poetry and words by candlelight, drink coffee all night and believe mornings only ever existed for long lingering lie ins

I would look my father deep in his eyes and tell him I love him passionately, that I always will and he will forever be in my heart and I am sorry for the times I may have caused him pain

If I was wild and free…


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  1. Cheryl Haezebroeck

    Oh so delicious, Dal! I want to come along! Do at least one of those things. 🙂

  2. masha

    OK Dal, I was good until the part with your father. Tears filled my eyes. Lovely. Blessings.

  3. This is so beautifully moving. Your words are so playful and poignant. I love this, especially telling your father how deeply you love him.

  4. This is wonderful Dal! I think you are wild and free because these words are from your heart 🙂 x

  5. And a bit of you (a lot?) is as wild and free as your wonderful list, isn’t it? Lists like this don’t spring from nowhere 🙂 Lovely X

    • Dal

      Aaaah Claire, that is a lovely thing to say. Well, I have already done one of those things on the list and it wasn’t the Golden Eagle on my shoulder…

  6. Ohhhhhhhh…YESSSSSS. Thank you for putting into words what I feel also. Let’s GOOOOO!!!

  7. anne

    i agree with masha. lovely

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