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The Embraces of a Soulful Life

In Healing Words, Soul & Spirituality on May 14

The Embraces

embrace /im-bras’/

1. To take in the arms

2. To clasp affectionately to the bosom

3. To take eagerly or willingly

4. To comprise, include

5. To admit, adopt or receive


Embrace laughter

Embrace adventure & possibilities

Embrace the awkward moments and difficulties, wrap them in soft arms of hope

Embrace change

Embrace impossibility

Embrace mistakes

Embrace all of life’s little imperfections

Embrace the moments in between

Embrace solitude

Embrace sadness

Embrace insecurity

Embrace being lost

Embrace the absolute preciousness of being right hear right now

Embrace *LOVE*

Embrace dreams

Embrace simplicity and things that don’t cost

Embrace naps and snuggles and forty winks

Embrace your tears, your divine soul medicine

Embrace vulnerability

Embrace lost moments, lost friends, lost opportunities, hold them, thank them and live forward.

Embrace sparkling memories

Embrace the sunset the sunrise the moon the stars the trees and the clouds

Embrace the mystery of the night and dark dark skies

Embrace impossible people and hold them in compassion

Embrace your inner strength and kick ass when you need to

Embrace your imperfections, your foibles and your very YOU-niqueness

Embrace the lover inside your soft heart

Embrace our elders, the keepers of wisdom, of life before we were born, of long lived lives that we can only hope for

Embrace soft lines, laughter lines, crows feet – your wisdom smiling

Embrace soft lumps, wobbly bumps and the stretches of time on our thighs – this is a body well lived in

Embrace cheekiness, mischief and breaking the rules

Embrace spontaneity and the gentle leap of your soul

Embrace velvety breezes tousling your hair

the smell of the sea, of rough bark in your arms and the wise words of our trees



(What are your embraces? I’d love to know!)


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  1. Barbara

    Love it Dal!

    You’ve got me thinking about everything I can embrace in my life and asking, what *needs* embracing right now?

    Many thanks.

    • Dal

      Thank you heaps Barbara for your comment…writing this really made me reflect on what I choose to embrace and that what I resist or reject on a daily basis. Life flows better when we embrace the perfect mess of it all! Let me know how you get on…

  2. Virginia Robert

    You have covered so many wonderful embraces. My favorite is embracing the people I love, embracing my authentic life…great post

  3. Love the sentiments, Dal, and your blog design is gorgeous!

    Now I want to go and hug someone…

  4. Such a tender photo 🙂

    Thank you for writing this. Love all the different sentiments you expressed (and a brilliant idea as a type of blog post too!)

    • Dal

      Thanks Julia! I love that photo too, made me feel so warm. It’s from Stocksy (royalty free images) so I can’t claim it as my own but it just summed up the vibe. So maybe we could suggest this idea as a blog prompt?

  5. I love that your list of embraces is so long it needs big arms and an even bigger heart to hold them all 🙂

  6. So many wonderful reminders of all the moment to moment ways that we can ’embrace’ life…. thank you for this!

    • Dal

      Thank you very much Janet! Writing these embraces really helped me get life in to perspective and balance again after a few tough moments. There’s always good stuff happening amongst the natural messyness of life. I love the title of your blog too, beautiful.x

  7. This is beautiful. I love the format of the post and the poetic writing. Lovely!

    • Dal

      Thank you heaps Book Doctor! Maybe this would be a good idea for a Book Doctor prescription exercise (I’m not sure if you offer those too?), ‘I prescribe you to list aaaaaall the stuff you would like to embrace and before you know it…you’ll have taken your own soul medicine.’

  8. Kat

    Truly Dal – I feel as though you didn’t miss a single thing. To embrace that is. Well Covered Soul Full self expression xo

    • Dal

      Aaaah bless ya Kat for the kind comments…we are all a soulful lot of wonderwomen on this blogging journey. I embrace you all and the sisterly love and support. xox

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